Field Trip 50Hertz

11.04.2019 -

On 11th April we organized a field trip to the transformer station operated by the company 50Hertz in Berlin, together with our friends from the GAMM/SIAM Student Chapter Berlin. After arriving on the site in Neuenhagen we had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations.

The company 50Hertz introduced itself as one of the 4 major transmission system operators in Germany. About 18 million people in northern and eastern Germany obtain their electricity via the network operated by 50Hertz. The increasing amount of reneweable energy sources and the embedding into the common European power grid provide interesting challenges.

We then found out more about the role applied mathematics plays in the business of the company. The mathematical modelling of the electricity market was explained to us. The efficiency can be increased by using optimization techniques. On the one hand models are interesting for acquiring long term forecasts of major market developments. On the other hand short term predictions are very valuable and demand shorter computing times. This is where techniques of model order reduction become interesting.

Mathematical approaches also are an important tool in the field of strategic network planning. Here, it is important to guarantee the stability of the system. With diligent planning it is possible to intercept any possible malfunction.

Another highlight was the following guided tour around the transformer station. We had the opportunity to experience the massive dimensions of this machine with all our senses. What in mathematics is often represented by a node in a graph, we can now connect to an image from reality.

FInally we got to know the students from Berlin better over coffee and cake. We hat the opportunity to exchange our thought on the experience and other aspects of applied mathematics and studen life.

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Career Day: PhD. What's next?

07.03.2019 -


Join the career day to learn life lessons of former PhD graduates.



Do you ever wonder what life will bring after your PhD? Get inspired when speakers with research education, who made their way into academia, start-ups, and market-leading companies, talk about life goals, finding the first job and balancing work and family. #phdwhatsnext

Furthermore you're offered a free CV check. Just bring your CV and get it reviewed by an experienced HR professional.

Feel free to join the speakers for dinner at Ratskeller (7 PM). Just send us a small note and we will add you to the reservation. (Dinner is at your own expense)

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Dr. Barbara Böck (Wiley Verlag)

Dr. Ornella Billette (neotiv, DZNE)

Dr. Yauheniya Abramchuk (Zielpuls)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Vienken (form. Fresenius Medical Care)

Dr. Barbara Witter (OvGU)

Dr. Britta Werthmann (EKF-Diagnostics)

Dr. Jesko Hüttenhain (CrowdStrike)

Dr. Alexander Rieß (MAN)

Dr. Anja Gladbach (Bayer)

Dr. Carlos Martínez Cristancho (Evonik)

Prof. Dr. Richard Hanke-Rauschenbach (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

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