Card/Board Games Evening

16.01.2020 -  

New year is here so is the cold (Winter is here), but not to worry!!! We (SIAM's chapter in Magdeburg) would like to invite you to an evening of card/board/roll playing evening. we will arrange some games. However you are welcome to bring your own games.

Where: MPI-Magdeburg
When: 16/01/2020 at 18:00 o'clock

There will be some snacks available and some drinks from SIAM's reserves but if you bring your own drinks and snakes we will eat them too so please bring a bit extra ;)

Monsters, dragons, Gobelins, vampires, Werwolfs, witches are warriors are all invited and humans can join in too.

Looking forward to play, slay, conquer and plunder with you.

Warning: Boring humans bother the creatures so hope to see you in good spirits.


Take here a look on photos from this event.


Game Night Invite


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